8 oz Bottle                                 $12.99

Hair Color Bleach Accelerator 

Today”s professional colorists have always had to manage time. The time it takes to apply color, the amount of time it takes to process color. How many clients they can fit into their schedule.

Time is the reason we developed speed.This color accelerator is made mostly of water repellents, therefore when its mixed with color it pushes the the color into the cortex, while leaving out the excess water. Speed has many benefits. It will extend the color on overlays so reds stay red, blonds stay blonder.

Mix 3 pumps directly into color mixture of 3 ounces for five ounces of color add 5 pumps, Cover with a processing cap place under a heated dryer check in 7 minute, .most clients are done in ten.

For resistant clients leave on additional 5 minutes.

Always add to red formulations it will extend hard to hold reds.








Inmediatly Blocks Color      $15.99

Color barrier oil, blocks color from stain the skin! Best dermal desensitizer in the color industry! Three pumps will do it.

Spray Conditioner


Smoth, Soften & Nourish            $12.99

Leave in conditioner with color binding technology. Protects hair, locks in color & adds incredible shine. Repairs splitends.

5 Second Conditioner


Smoth, Soften & Nourish             $12.99

It takes only 5 seconds. Color binding technology. Protects hair, locks in color & adds incredible shine.

Smoothing Shampoo


Smooth, Hydrate & Restore           $12.99

Hairsaver shampoo is comprised of all natural actives including green tea and flower extracts. Keratin safe, it delivers ultra smooth shiny hair while strengthening damaged hair.